Life is just a series of relative disappointments. (pokee) wrote,
Life is just a series of relative disappointments.

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Oh, I've seen that chapter in your eyes...

I'm still not used to this laptop keyboard, but I am getting better.
I only had to backspace three times and one of those was Radar stepping on my keyboard. (Editors note: So far)
I've been a failure at trying to keep my coworker out of trouble. Everything I say in his defense is not treated well, makes me feel stupid, and reminds me over and over why I am an employee and not an employer. I could elaborate on this if I was more eloquent, but it will have to sit for now. Other than that, work is fabulous.
Except for the whole severe dehydration thing. I am of Northern Celtic stock, and not built to survive summers with more than 8 or 9 100 degree plus workdays. I have weeks of 8 or 9 hundred degree plus days, now. What do you mean there are only 7 days in a week? I guarantee there were 10 100 degree plus days last week! I would bet my depleted gall-bladder on it!
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